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Today’s businesses must survive and thrive in an environment that is increasingly competitive and dynamic. We understand that selecting the right financial services partnerships are critical to enable successful achievement of your goals. We work hard to deliver that partnership for our clients.  At Gina Scott & Associates, we start with learning about your business goals and objectives allowing us to formulate a collaborative working arrangement that can best support your business.

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We bring a dynamic combination of professional methods and best practices combined with productivity enhancing technology to support our customers as an extension of their teams. We know that the easier it is for you and your teams to access and analyze your critical financial data, the more time you will have to focus on growing your business. We also understand that not all companies and individuals are exactly alike. We work to apply the innovation available in a way that best suits each client.

Gina Scott & Associates maintains a very high standard of professionalism. This is demonstrated through the quality of our team, through our successful attainment of professional certifications and our dedication to continued professional education.  You can be assured that our certifications attest to a level of experience, knowledge, ethics and integrity that we bring to our work in support of your business.

  • Successful clients say

    “Gina Scott, CEO of Gina Scott & Associates, brought her professional knowledge and her passion for truly helping her customers through removing complexity to our partnership. She helped me reduce the time for basic book keeping tasks in half through introduction of processes and tips. She helped us prepare our business for the rigor of financial review from interested buyers which increased our valuation!”

    Lani DeForest, VP Operations, ProPhysics
  • Successful clients say

    “When Gina Scott and her team are working with my clients, I can focus my time on bringing greater value to my clients. With a solid set of financial statements to lean upon, clients consistently share that they feel more confident about being proactive in their planning for the future.”

    John Haney, CPA
  • Successful clients say

    “From the very beginning of our professional relationship, I appreciated the way in which Gina listened intently to my requirements and my rants and frustrations. I love the Xero platform and how easy it is to use and I always know that Gina is looking over my shoulder virtually making sure I get things right!”

    Kathryn Robinson, CEO Lumen Strategies